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About LaPont

About LaPont...

LaPont  provides school based, student-centered evaluations for families and schools for struggling learners who may need Exceptional Education, related services and specialized instruction.  

Your Mission is LaPont's Mission... 


Helping to close  the achievement gap for struggling learners is central to Lapont's mission. Research consistently shows that a“one size fits all” approach to school evaluations may not tap into unique learning styles. School Psychologists are required to implement holistic approaches that include your child's development, academic history, family dynamics, language, culture and community dynamics, and events over time that may affect how your child learns and behaves at school.

Your Values are LaPont's Values...

No child, adolescent, or young adult should struggle in school. Early identification, problem solving, interventions, evaluations, and professional support for struggling learners is a shared value. Building strong collaborative relationships with parents, school leadership, parents, advocates, and community-based service agencies is central to LaPont's values.

Our Services:
Service Gap Administration

Evaluations & Counseling

Professional Development

Community Education

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